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Health Notes from DCSD Nurses

Health Services Department Model in DCSD includes the employment of registered nurses as consultants. The Nurse Consultant monitors the Health Room as well as other health issues in the school while promoting wellness. The School Nurse Consultant is not situated in one school, but covers the health of children in several schools.

The Health Room is supported by the Health Assistant as trained and delegated by the School Nurse Consultant. The registered nurse is available for consultation in person or by telephone for the health room throughout the school day.

If a student becomes ill, the student should ask permission from his teacher to come to the Health Room in the Main Office. Students should not contact parents on their cell phones to go home ill unless authorized by the health room. If the situation warrants, such as vomiting, elevated temperature, diarrhea, etc., our Health Assistant will contact parents.

Students who are in the Health Room and discharged to go home after school and MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN AFTER-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES. If the parents have not picked up their student, they will be required to go home in their regular manner. If the student has after school detention an administrator must personally excuse those students assigned.

For the protection of the students and school district personnel, it is the DCSD policy that NO MEDICATION (including acetemetamine) is given by school personnel without a written order from a physician. Please click to view the DCSD medication policy and to access medication forms.

High school students may assume the responsibility of bringing to school and administering their own medication, providing they carry only enough for ONE day and that is labeled in the original packaging for such conditions as headaches, menstrual cramps, cough and cold. Students who appear to be using poor judgment in carrying and taking their own medication will have such medication confiscated by school personnel, and parents or guardians will be notified. A structured plan will then be developed for the administration of medication. A parent may also request that a structured plan be devised for their student. Under no circumstance are students allowed to share their medication.

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