Summer School


Students enrolling for grade replacement MUST have a counselor and an Administrators approval before registering for classes. Please complete this FORM for grade replacement.
Summer courses are intended for students who need to regain lost credits or to stay on track for graduation and is not intended for students who wish to 'get ahead' or 'bump' their GPA (i.e., from a 3.9 to a 4.0).
The attendance policy is set by the Colorado Department of Education and allows three absences in any course (3 tardies = 1 absence), after which students will be withdrawn from summer school and will receive a failing grade, no credit for the course(s) and will forfeit registration fees. Students who do not complete a course within the allotted time for each session will also receive a failing grade and no credit for the course(s) and forfeited registration fees.
It is the student’s responsibility to check with their counselor that the courses taken in summer school meet their home school’s requirements for graduation, replacement credit, and the desired impact of the course on their GPA. Please check with your assigned high school counselor to ensure you register for the appropriate course(s).
Students not completing a course within the allotted time will receive a failing grade and no credit for the course(s). Any breach of conduct can result in removal from the program and forfeited fees. Click here to review summer school guidelines.

SESSION I: REGISTRATION MAY 2 - MAY 27 WHEN: MAY 31 - JUNE 23 WHERE: TRHS for in-person math courses only, Monday - Thursday. Students will enter the building from 'C' lot. Other courses will be offered online. TIME: 7:40am - 12:00pm, Monday - Thursday, for in-person math courses only. Classes begin promptly at 7:40am, students will be marked 'tardy' at 7:45am. 3 tardies = 1 absence.
PAYMENT: $0 per course (EARSS funding)

All courses are online 
PAYMENT: $0 (EARSS funding)


GRADE REPLACEMENT: A record of both classes, along with the grades received for both classes, will remain on the student's transcript. The class taken during the school year will show "course repeated"; no credit will be awarded and will not be calculated into the student’s GPA. The summer school course/s will receive credit and will be calculated into a student's GPA. Grade replacement courses are 60+ hrs and require at least 4-5 hours per day, 5 days a week to complete. NCAA approved.

CREDIT RECOVERY: A record of both classes will remain on the student's transcript. Credit will be awarded for both classes, one will be an elective credit, and both grades will be calculated into the GPA. Courses taken for credit recovery are not approved by the National College Athlete Association. Credit recovery courses can easily be finished within each summer school session as students can pretest and move quickly through sections of curriculum. Not NCAA approved.


Registration links coming soon! It is strongly recommended that students limit registration to 2 courses per session due to work loads and time constraints. Once class fees have been paid students will receive login information for classes by the first day of class, or soon after payment has been received. Course fees must be paid in full before students receive login information for courses.

Summer school registration

Session 1, Algebra I and English I courses are in-person and eligible for grade replacement.
All Session 2 courses are online and eligible for credit recovery. O
nline classes provide students with off-site learning opportunities, and is recommended for disciplined learners as it is the student's responsibility to stay on pace through the assigned curriculum. While online coursework is available 24 hours a day, work must be completed within the time-frame of the session in which that student enrolls to earn credit. Students are expected to maintain regular contact with their summer school teacher regarding their progress.
In-person math classes are only eligible for GRADE REPLACEMENT during summer session 1.

MATH (0.5 Math credits per semester)
Algebra I,  S1 or S2 In-person session I
Algebra II/Trig,  S1 or S2 In-person session I
Geometry,  S1 or S2 In-person session I

Online courses are only eligible for CREDIT RECOVERY during sessions 1 & 2.

(0.5 English credits per semester)
English I, II, III, IV (S1 or S2)

MATH (0.5 Math credits per semester)

Algebra I,  S1 or S2 online
Algebra II/Trig,  S1 or S2 online
Geometry,  S1 or S2  online

Statistics (0.5 Math credits) online
Financial Math (0.5 Math credits) online

Biology,  S1 or S2 (0.5 Science credit per semester)
Chemistry,  S1 or S2 (0.5 Science credit per semester)
Earth and Environmental Science,  S1 or S2 (0.5 Science credit per semester)
Geology (0.5 Science credit)
Physics (0.5 Science credit)


Geography (0.5 Social Studies credit)
Government (0.5 Social Studies credit)
US History (0.5 Social Studies credit)
World History (0.5 Social Studies credit)
Economics (11th & 12th grades only, 0.5 Social Studies credit)

Psychology (11th & 12th grades only, 0.5 Social Studies credit)
Sociology (11th & 12th grades only, 0.5 Social Studies credit)


Art History (0.5 Fine Arts credit)
Career pathways/Planning & Development (0.5 Practical Arts credit)
Healthy Decisions (0.5 PE credit)
Intro to Art  (0.5 Fine Arts credit)
Intro to Business (0.5 Practical Arts credit)
Personal Finance (0.5 Practical Arts credit)
Physical Education/Lifetime Fitness (0.5 PE credit)
Strategies for Academic Success  (0.5 Practical Arts credit)

Should you require a course not listed, or have questions about a particular course please contact Amie McCarty at [email protected].

Please note while all the courses listed above are accepted by TRHS, students attending from other schools should check with their administration to ensure courses are accepted for credit at their respective schools.
Other online courses can be found on the eDCSD website.

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