Summer School

Registration for 2020 Summer School

Registration opens May 4th 
*Only online classes offered this summer for Credit Recovery 
TRHS Summer Course Fee $225

**Summer courses for Grade Replacement must be taken at eDCSD.  Registration for eDCSD is now open. 
eDCSD Summer 2020 Registration 
eDCSD Summer Course Fee:  $300

Please carefully read the summer school information before clicking on the registration link below.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Amie McCarty at

TRHS Summer School is designed for students who have failed a class and desire to make up lost credits to help get back on track for graduation. Please keep in mind that the summer courses will offer credit recovery and not grade replacement on the transcript. 

Session I: May 28th - June 22nd

  • Online Courses Only

Session II: June 25th - July 21st

  • Online Courses only

Registration for Summer School is a two-step Process

1. Register for your summer school course HERE

  • Submit a registration form for each course you wish to take.

2. Submit your online payment for all Summer School courses

  • Submit ONE ONLINE PAYMENT for all courses.  A link to online payment will be available on the confirmation page of your registration.  The registration is not considered complete until full payment is received.
  • Course fee: $225

Should you have questions not addressed on this page, please contact Amie McCarty at

Course Offerings:
These self-paced online classes provide students with off-site learning opportunities.  We recommend this option for disciplined learners as it is the student's responsibility to stay on pace through the assigned curriculum. While online coursework is available 24 hours a day, work must be completed within the time-frame of the session in which that student enrolls in order to gain credit. Students are expected to maintain regular contact with the Summer School Teacher regarding their progress.

Independent Online Course Offerings:
English I, II, III, IV (S1 and S2)
Consumer math (S1 and S2)
Algebra 1 (S1 and S2)
Geometry (S1 and S2)
Algebra 2 (S1 and S2)
Trig (1 Semester)
Pre-calc (1 Semester)
World History (S1 and S2)
U.S. History (S1 and S2)
Government (1 Semester)
Psychology (1 Semester)
World Geography (S1 and S2)
Economics (1 Semester)
Sociology (1 Semester)
Earth Science (S1 and S2)
Environmental Science (S1 and S2)
Biology (S1 and S2)
Chemistry (S1 and S2)
Physics (S1 and S2)
Forensics (1 Semester) 
Astronomy (1 Semester)
World Language (Verbal or Oral proficiency cannot be met in summer school)
Spanish 1 (S1 and S2)
Spanish 2 (S1 and S2)
Art History (S1 and S2) (Fine Art)
Media Studies (1 Semester) (Practical Art)
Personal and Family Living (1 semester) (Elective, Practical Art)
Health S1 and S2 (Elective, PE)
Personal Finance (1 Semester) (Practical Art)
Essentials of Business (1 Semester) (Practical Art, Elective)
Business Law (1 Semester) (Elective)
Career Management (1 Semester) (Elective)
Fundamentals of Digital Media (1 Semester) (Elective, Fine Art)

Should you require a course not listed, please contact Amie McCarty at

Please note while all courses offered through TRHS Summer School are accepted by TRHS, it is recommended that students attending from other home schools check with their administration to ensure these courses are accepted for credit at their respective schools.

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