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Nutrition Services and Lunch Menus

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Funds will not be available for 24 hours. Please make payments one day in advance of date needed!

  • Free and Reduced Lunch - we accommodate those in need with opportunities to receive a free or reduced cost meal. Applications for Free and Reduced price meals are available at schools by clicking here.
  • Updated Menus are posted here and sent home monthly. Please refer to them for additional information about our program and offerings.
  • Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergies - Douglas County now offers soy milk with school lunches for children who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk. Silk soy milk is a lactose free non-dairy alternative that offers the same vitamins and minerals as dairy milk

Free and Reduced Lunch Price Information

For More Information about the DCSD Nutrition Services

Upcoming Changes and New Policies Check Out Their Newsletter

Summer Nut News (Food Services Newsletter)



Food Services

A wide variety of nutritional foods are prepared for the students each day. Complete meals will be available as well as a la carte items during lunch time.

Nutrition Services information charge policy.
1. Students are allowed to charge one lunch.
2. If you cannot pay the charges owed, you must send a lunch from home or apply for reduced lunch.
3. Once the charge has been paid, the student may resume buying lunch.

Anyone needing financial assistance (even for a temporary period) may fill out an application for free or reduced meals. All schools have applications in the office. We also have a volunteer program where you can receive free meals for serving lunch at any of our schools. For more information or for an application, please call at 303-387-0338.


10th, 11th, and 12th grade students may choose to remain on campus or leave campus during lunch time. TRHS is a closed campus school for 9th graders, therefore, 9th grade students must remain at school for lunch. They may purchase a Grizzly-Cafe meal or bring a lunch from home.

Students are to:
1. Properly dispose of litter and garbage into the trash barrels and return tableware to the designated areas.
2. Finish eating in the lunchroom/commons. Food or beverages are not to be taken into the hallways or classrooms.
3. Not exit from the commons serving area doors.
4. Notify the staff supervisor or on duty custodian if they spill food or beverages and participate in the cleanup.
5. Remain in the commons, patio area or main hallway area. Building off-limits areas include lockers, hallways/stairways, unsupervised classrooms/gyms, outside areas including parking lots and athletic fields.
6. Not involve themselves in activities regarded as "horse play or roughhousing" in the commons or in the hallways during lunch or any other time of the school day.

7. Food is not to leave the commons. The throwing of articles, such as food, is strictly forbidden. Frequent abuse of these rules will result in work detail, possible suspension or dismissal from the commons for a semester.

September Menu:
Sept Lunch Menu

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